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Snake River Pediatrics
1050 S.W. 3rd Ave., Ste 3200 Ontario, OR 97914
We are located within Saint Alphonsus on the third floor.
Phone: 541-881-2380
Se habla espanol
Fax: (541) 881-2389
Email: cbidwell@snakeriverpediatrics.com
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Mon,Tues,Wed, Fri 8AM - 6PM
Sat- 8am-2pm

Let's Work Hand-in-Hand to Maintain Your Child's Health

For regular well-child check-ups and child immunization services, visit the pediatric staff at Snake River Pediatrics in Ontario, OR. We recommend that you call ahead so we can schedule you with the pediatric provider of your choice.
We all want our kids to stay healthy, so when symptoms of illness appear, feel free to call us right away. Our nurses are available to offer advice for at-home care, or to help you decide if an office visit is necessary. We are trained to give high-quality patient care to infants, children, and adolescents. We have Spanish-speaking team members to assist and translate whenever needed. Schedule an appointment today.

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New Year's Day
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